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Intervention Content Leader

  • 18 Years in Education
  • Bachelor of Arts—Elementary Education (Southern University A & M College) 2002
  • Master of Arts—Mental Health Counseling (Southern University A & M College) 2006
  • Master of Education, +30—K-12 Educational Leadership (Nicholls State University) 2013


Teaching young minds is a task that cannot be taken lightly. It is full of challenges, frustrations, and responsibilities. However, it is a task that is also full of excitement, wonder, and joy. I strongly believe that all children are capable of learning, if they have the proper motivation and direction from their teachers. As the Intervention Content Leader, I will work to ensure that our teachers are aware of learning, motivation, behavior, and development theories in order to relate to our students and push them to reach their full potential. It is my duty to see that all of our students at BBE  are being motivated; this is only fair to the students. They deserve our time and full attention in regards to their education.



Mrs. Brown

Ms. Nellie Brown

Intervention Content Leader