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Special Education

Students now use Clever to access all of the programs they use at school with only one username and password.  Clever also allows students to easily work on their school programs at home.

Here’s how to log into Clever from this page:

  1. Click here to go to Clever.
  2. Click “Log in with Google”
  3. Enter Student ID number
  4. Enter Google password (same one used on the Chromebooks)
  5. Now you are in the Clever Portal.  Click on an icon to work in a program.

Click here for printable instructions on how to log into Clever when you are not on the page.

Google Passwords

Unique to each student.  Please contact your child's teacher for assistance.

Google Classroom Codes

Ms. Randolph: dbnqfdr

Ms. Rhodes: yufbe4o



Mrs. Randolph

Ms. Georgia Randolph



Michelle Mike

Ms. Michelle Rhodes-Resource




Holly Landry

Holly Landry


Laura Prejean

Laura Prejean


LaKaja Buquet

Speech Therapist:

Ms. LeKaja Buquet