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Volunteer Guidelines



Volunteers are welcome to school on our designated “help” days.  Parents will be notified ahead of time when these days are.  Please check your child’s communication folder, our website, or our facebook page for further updates.  When volunteering at our school, the following guidelines have been put in place:


1. Students must be supervised at all times when in the classrooms and moving through the halls as a class.


2. Cell phones are not permitted.  Students should not be able to see adults using cell phones.


3. Pictures/videos may not be taken of students.


4. Students have designated bathroom breaks.  Only allow extreme emergencies to use the restroom when you are covering classes.


5. If you have any problems or need any assistance please buzz the office or have one student go to the office to get assistance.


6. Please refrain from visiting with your child, or their teacher, when you are volunteering in a designated area.